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Don't qualify for the 485 Graduate Visa? The 407 Training visa is an option!


International students studying in Australia often discover after they graduate from a course of studies that they are entering an occupation that does not qualify them to pursue a career in Australia. This is because they have not acquired the requisite period of full-time work experience while studying (as the student visa does not allow full time work during formal semester time). When their student visa is about to expire they discover they cannot stay to work even when there is a willing employer/sponsor.

The 485 Graduate Visa was designed to allow graduates from overseas who had studied in Australia full-time for 2 years to apply for this visa to remain for a further 18 months to 4 years in order to work full-time and acquire the necessary work experience for permanent residence. However, the list of occupations that qualify for the 485 visa is not very long and tends to shrink over time as the department reviews the labor demands of Australian businesses. Accountants, for example, have been regularly removed or put back into the 485 visa occupations list as the need for Accountants changes over time.

For graduates whose occupation is not (or has never been) on the current 485 occupations list, the previous choice was to leave Australia after graduation and work overseas for a time to acquire the necessary work experience before trying to come back through either the 489 or 190 state/territory nomination visas or the 482/186/187 Employer Sponsored visas.

However, there is now good news for current graduates. This is because of the recent 407 Training Visa. This visa can be applied for onshore and has some advantages over the 485 Graduate Visa.

Key Aspects of the 407 Training Visa

  • The 407 occupations list is longer and includes occupations that are not on the 485 occupations List. The list below shows some occupations that are on the 407 list but not on the 485 list.

  • There is no requirement of competent English such as having a 6.0 score for the four parts of the IELTS English test necessary for the 485. The 407 applicant only needs to show functional English.

  • The visa applicant does not require a skills assessment to apply.

  • This visa can be applied for at any time whereas the 485 visa must be applied for within 6 months of completing their 2 years of studies.


  • The only requirement of the 407 visa which is not required for the 485 visa is that the Training visa needs a willing employer to provide the training. Any lawful business can be a sponsor as long as it can provide a detailed training program for the visa holder over the 1-2 years normally allowed for the visa. During this time the visa holder can work full-time for the sponsor. The 407 visa is designed to help a graduate acquire further work experience (up to 2 years) towards their chosen occupation or to get the training necessary for registration in their trade or occupation or to enable them to progress in their overseas career should they plan to go home.

 Sample of Occupations on the 407 Training visa list but not on the 485 Graduate Visa list

  • Accommodation and Hospitality Manager (not elsewhere classified)

  • Mixed Crop Farmer

  • Acupuncturist

  • Nutritionist

  • Baker

  • Pastry Cook

  • Butcher or Small goods maker

  • Pig Farmer

  • Café or Restaurant Manager

  • Primary School Teacher

  • Cook (Chefs do qualify for the 485)

  • Retail Pharmacist

  • Customer Service Manager

  • School Principal

  • Dental Hygienist

  • University Lecturer

  • Hairdresser

  • Web Designer

  • Hotel or Motel Manager

  • Youth Worker

  • Massage Therapist

 Click here to view the current official occupation list for Subclass 407 Training Visa



Elizabeth Yuen