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How to increase your chance of success with Australian Visa Application and Appeals


When it comes to applying for Australian visas, and all migration related matters, a lot of people are not aware of just how effective using the service of a Registered Migration Agent, or an experienced Migration Lawyer can be. Especially since only registered migration agents and lawyers can lawfully provide paid migration services such as helping to lodge a visa application or handling a migration review in Australia.

What the Visa Application and Appeal process involves

Anyone looking at the Department of Home Affairs website for information on how to make an application for a visa will find it a daunting task even if English is their first language. It is often because of mistakes made from the initial stage of visa application that many applicants experience difficulties later on.

In general, the application process will include -

  • Choosing the right visa

  • Understanding visa process timing

  • Communication with Department of Home Affairs

  • Submitting appropriate forms and documents

The Role of a Migration Agent/Lawyer

Migration agents and lawyers experienced in that area of legal practice often have extensive knowledge and experience in handling visa applications and appeals of multiple levels of complexity. The way an agent/lawyer increases applicant’s chance of success in application includes -

  • Identifying the needs of the visa applicant, and advise on the most suitable visa tailored for such needs.

  • Anticipate any possible barriers or problems when choosing a particular visa.

  • Advise on strategies to overcome the barriers or problems

  • Provide options for the visa applicant that they might not be aware of and help the applicant make an informed decision.

What migration agents have access to that individuals do not

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of how migration case officers make visa decisions

  • The current legislation and regulations governing each class of visas

  • The internal policies of the immigration department that guide visa decisions

  • Links to other migration agents through organizations such as MIA where news of migration policy changes and new visa classes are shared

  • Knowing where to lodge applications and who to contact for inquiries

In conclusion how migration agents increase your chance of success in Visa Application and Appeals

  • By providing update information on migration laws, regulations and policies

  • Offering their expertise acquired from practical daily experience on other similar cases

  • Representing clients to make applications to the department for visas or the AAT for review of adverse decisions

  • To lodge applications efficiently without delay and particularly in time sensitive matters

Elizabeth Yuen