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Want to find a job in Australia? Want to hire skilled workers from overseas?

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We are very excited to announce our newest skill matching service.

Who is our service for?

  • For Australian business employers that cannot fill vacancies locally with suitable people and are seeking skilled individuals from overseas.

  • For people seeking skilled migration to Australia.

  • For International Students who recently graduated in Australia and need an employer/sponsor.

  • For overseas skilled people who need to train and upgrade their skills through a local employer.

  • For working holiday visa holders who want to stay permanently.

How does Skill Matching Work?

  • We maintain a database of local business employers who are willing and qualified to sponsor overseas skilled people. These businesses provide us with a ‘wish list’ of skilled occupations they require.

  • We also maintain a database of overseas skilled people and those already in Australia on a temporary visa who wish to upgrade to permanent residence through the nomination of a local employer. 

  • We then match the prospective visa applicant with a suitable business employer and help them with the visa processing.

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Elizabeth Yuen